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Welcome to the home of living with passion and purpose.

A place where what you've been through is understood, and what you truly want and need is discovered.

Here you’ll learn to connect with living a meaningful life so that you can be successful and feel fulfilled.

Many of us believe that living our passions and fulfilling our desires is out of reach. We think we are not smart enough, good enough or worthy enough to live our dreams. We may lack the identity to overcome the problems or challenges that prevent our dreams from coming into fruition. Many of us are fearful of failing, so we don’t take risks. Some of us are even fearful of our own success.

Each of us has a unique purpose to fulfill and contribute in our lifetime. The goal of life is to find this truth and give your heart and soul to it! This greater purpose – your true purpose – is always there and always waiting for you. As we ‘wake up’ knowing that we are meant to be and do more, we start the journey to discovering our authentic identity and how we truly can make a difference.

It is your birthright to live your desires. Heck, it’s your duty!

Praise for the Purpose Now series

"If you have ever wanted to find that something special in your life, to have clarity on your purpose then this book is a must read."

− Susanne King

"I wish I had this book before I went to college. I am actually considering changing my career now. It was eye opening and I discovered a new ME!!"

− Gigi