Are you ready to start living with purpose and passion?


"I came to Delina to grow my business. She changed my life. If you are thinking about getting a coach, stop thinking. Call Delina now. Best decision I’ve ever made."

− Ben Spears, Spears Chiropractic

"Delina’s magic is that she helps people see the magic in themselves.

I’ve achieved more with Delina over the past six weeks than I have in the past six years. Which is kind of expected, because she came highly recommended and that is why I hired her.

What I didn’t expect is the buzz of knowing that everything I have achieved so far is a result of my own efforts. What Delina has done is to help me focus those efforts, cutting right through the doubt and disillusion to help me see things the way they really are. And the way I am going to make them.

She doesn’t tell me how to do it or give me advice. She just helps me penetrate that little part of me that has been hidden away so long. The part of me that doesn’t worry and overanalyse everything. The part of me that instinctively knows what to do.

The magic is that Delina hasn’t built me up to believe in her – although I do! She has helped me to build myself up, so that I believe in me. Something that is infinitely more powerful!"

− Cat Townsend, FeelGoodNetwork

"It amazes me that I never know what is going to come up but somehow it’s just what I need. Yesterday was a breakthrough above and beyond the others for sure. Thank you for being raw in your words with me and for allowing me the safe space to be open with you."

− Odette Limosnero

"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You understand your skills and me as a mentor, coach and spiritual guide are truly amazing. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. You have a gift and I am humbled by your insight and expertise. I am grateful for your honesty, kindness and compassion. You are gentle, but not wavering from your course to direct and lead me to a more rewarding joyful life."

− Robin Muto

"Coaching with Delina is taking a journey of inspiration, affirmation and determination with a companion by your side that is encouraging, guiding and supporting every step of the way. With Delina’s help I have been able to identify where I am work wise and why I am dissatisfied with my current work conditions and have identified where my passion really lies."

− Jane Else

"Delina’s coaching style is graceful, gentle and very direct to help me get to the heart of the matter with many, many, many important changes."

− Meredith Friend

"In the last six years I had lost my sense of self and although I have a fantastic career and an amazing little boy, I felt a deeper sense of purpose was missing. In just a few short sessions I have learned how to begin transforming my life and find my purpose. I am rediscovering whom I am and what I want to give in this world – most importantly I am learning how to give it in a way that stays true to who I am. Delina has been fantastic and continues to show me how to get to the truth of any issue – I have laughed and I have cried but every single time we talk I have come away with a deeper understanding of why I do what I do and how to get the results I want in this life! With Delina’s help I am truly looking forward to creating an amazing present and future for myself and all the people around me!"

− Sonal Patel

"Working with Delina as a coach is like working with someone who can see directly into you. Her laser focus allows her to ask the exact questions to allow you to see into your own blind spots, and thus be able to shift and grow. Her intuition mixed with practical tools and strategy support you to realize any goals you can dream of."

− Farah Jamani Pencharz

"Delina has helped me raise my life and my internal well being to a whole new level!! I have found the love of my life!!!! I have gotten rid of anxiety and fears to be the real ME! I have amazing peace, love and gratitude. Now I’m trying to spread the goodness! Love you Delina"

− Lorena Montes

"My monthly gross income has risen consistently every month since working with Delina. She listens to me and I feel like she understands what has been in my way. She ask me to be bigger in my business and that is just what I needed. I eagerly await more!"

− Cara-Michele Nether, Women in Wellness

"I hired Delina to help me get to the next level of my business.

I guess I should start with where I was at that moment. I was still working at a sales job. My photography business was only part time. I had some avenues of marketing my photography business, through Yelp and networking groups. I started to see traction with my business, but was nowhere near what I wanted to be doing in the industry. I was doing photo shoots in my garage and was a little embarrassed to meet clients because of my humble means.

I remember my first meeting with Delina like it was yesterday. I was TOUGH…. I had all the questions and all the skeptical “barriers” that I could put up. I asked every other question and doubted everything Delina had to say to me. Needless to say, she was a pro and knew how to break me down.

Slowly, but surely, she got me to really focus on what really mattered, and showed me how to get there. Her main focus was psychology and her goal was to get me thinking a different way. Every week, I’d question her approach, but followed through with the action items she gave me. I went through many ups and downs with my results, but I didn’t stray (nor did Delina let me… LOL).

Fast forward to 6 months of coaching…. EVERYTHING came full circle! Within a WEEK, everything comes together. All the rejections, the setbacks, and the challenges all now made sense. Within a week, I got my own photo studio, became president of my networking group, reached 100 5-star reviews on Yelp, seeing more clients than ever, and am growing that much more every day. I’ve created the life I’ve always wanted to live!

I had lost 30lbs in 3 months, quit my sales job and started doing photography full time again, got pregnant and am expecting my first child in May, etc….

Everything I’m experience today has come within 6 months of doing the program.

I’m extremely grateful for the life-changing experience and can’t wait to see what the next 6 months to 60 years brings!

Thank you so much for SHOWING UP and helping us succeed!"

− Jeremy Cortez

"Delina is an absolutely amazing coach!
It's incredible how she can grasp a situation so quickly, help me work through it by giving me tools to move forward, and get me to the next level.
In the short amount of time that I've been coached so far, I've learned so much and feel more and more empowered after each session. Delina is an excellent listener which I find very valuable in a coach. I know that she is really taking in and understanding what I am saying, which makes her a very effective coach.
I'm very grateful to have such an amazing coach whom I feel so empowered by. Each week I look forward to our session, and I can't wait to see what the future brings!"

− Danielle Mitkus

"Delina has been the most valuable element in my transformation.

We recently did an emotional freedom technique session and I experienced the most transforming shift yet. I let go of a fear that was holding me back, causing me emotional pain, and stopping me from growing. In only 30 minutes the fear was completely gone. Afterwards I felt joyful, creative and reconnected to my purpose. Her EFT strategy is a powerful transforming experience. Love you Delina!"

− Gina Lowry

"I cannot thank Delina enough for her ability to refocus me upon opening up and living out of my heart. As the leader of 7 companies, stress would commonly creep into my life and I would be operating in my head all the time. I knew that there had to be more than just contribution. Delina helped me open the possibility of accepting contribution and love into my life rather than just giving it. She is a remarkable person with undeniably powerful tools! Thank you Delina!"

− Dr Karl Fritz Disque

"I was able to make progress in my life that I thought I could never do. When I originally decided to have a coach, I had very specific and narrow goals. Personally for me, sometimes it’s the smaller things in life that I need help with. When I started coaching, I realized how those smaller things were interconnected with bigger areas of my life. I finally understood why I wanted to improve in certain areas but was unable to.

Delina effortlessly helped me to see the benefits of opening up new avenues when approaching a goal. It works! She helped me make the transition from where I was then to where I am now. The best part is that Delina understands me. I think coaching with Delina helped me to understand myself in a much deeper way, to respect myself and to take action."

− Olina

"What to say? I was very skeptical about personal coaching and resisted it for many years. But I now wish that I had done it many years ago, as I wouldn’t have lost my fruitful years and energy.

I have done more in the last six months than whatever I have done in my last TEN years. Above all, I have got a SUPERCLEAR clarity, determination and plan to do what I love to do and to keep the toxic things away from me so that I can concentrate on my blessings.

If you have any questions about Delina, please call me / email me. I am more than happy to recommend her.

What are you waiting for? Go and Do it NOW."

− Dr Hema Chandramohan

"In a world of overly positive, quit your job and follow your passion messages, Delina manages to keep a realist’s view. She is positive, assertive and, most importantly, realistic in her approach. I have personally benefited from her coaching, specifically, from her step by step plan of putting thoughts into concrete action."

− Mike Higbee, PA-C

"The beautiful thing about Delina is how she not only genuinely listens to what you say, but also listens to your silences. It is only through her insights into these silences that she leads you to ascertain the aspects of your life, which lay dormant underneath the surface, anxiously waiting to be discovered. It is through such loving conversations over this past year that I’ve grown to discovering my passion and my purpose in life. Thank you Delina!"

− Madeleine Cook

"Inspiring, Intuitive and Enlightening. These are the words I would use to describe Delina and her coaching style. She has this way of tuning into your needs and creating clear action steps that will help unleash your true heart’s desires. She presents new ways of thinking, listens intently and leads you into those “Ahha!” moments that open up a door of endless opportunities for growth. She is a true gem."

− Lily Zepeda

"Through coaching with Delina, I have discovered what really motivates me. She has facilitated my own answers by asking the right questions at the right times. It has made all the difference in my life."

− Christina Harjehausen

"I was kind of lost before coaching with Delina. Her powerful questions and passionate way of leading the conversation between us gave me courage to grab live in my own hands. I have started to live my life fully. She is the most supportive person I have known.

Coaching with Delina is fun, yet effective, and life changing!"

− Agnes