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I help people and businesses get clarity on their mission so that they can authentically deliver their message and purpose.  Transformation starts with YOU!

 Discover your purpose

You feel stuck and frustrated. You know you are not living to your fullest potential. You feel like there is something missing in your career, your relationship or even yourself. You know that there must be more to life, but you don’t know how to find it.


Re-ignite your purpose

At some point you were passionate about what you were doing. But you’ve lost that passion, drive, motivation, creativity, joy, satisfaction and love for your mission. You’re surviving when you know you should be thriving. You want to feel excited again.


Share your purpose

You’ve connected to your purpose, but you are struggling with how to share it. You need to build your network. You need to build your systems. You need to be held accountable. You need to raise your game to the next level.


Are you ready to start living with purpose and passion?

Praise for the Purpose Now series

"If you have ever wanted to find that something special in your life, to have clarity on your purpose then this book is a must read."

− Susanne King

"I wish I had this book before I went to college. I am actually considering changing my career now. It was eye opening and I discovered a new ME!!"

− Gigi

"This is a book written from the heart by a woman who has a huge one! She is here to serve and her book helps us to get into our hearts, where we can create and connect with our best selves!"

− Dru Babcock

"You won't regret buying this book! Delina Fajardo is a natural born leader and the books reflect that! Love these books! "

− Kelly Lancor

"The book helped with my self confidence and the way I feel about myself. Everyday life can be challenging and Delina's words will help get though it. "

− Bruce W. Sawyer

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