5 Things You Can Do to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

5 Things You Can Do to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Imagine it is your last hour on earth, your life flashes before your eyes. The bad times, the good times, you see it all. You need to ask yourself, will you have any regrets? What will you see? Will you feel satisfied with the way you lived your life? As scary as it may seem, nobody is an exception. If you have not had purpose in life, you will never be ready to face such a situation. Keeping this in mind, if you are expecting to magically discover your purpose, you are mistaken. If you do not know where to start, here are 5 things you can do to discover your life’s purpose:

1.     Identify Your Passions

The only way you can find out more about your purpose is by finding out about your likes and dislikes. You can start with something as simple as finding a hobby. Ask yourself, what is the one thing you love to do the most? Whether you wish to teach and coach or want to learn a new language, it is necessary for you to engage in activities that you’re passionate about.  If you enjoy doing something, you will not give up that easily.  In fact you will be far more effective and productive at what you do.  Not only will you get to be around like-minded people, but you may also discover your purpose along the way. If you love it, do not hold back because your passions lead to your purpose.

2.     Actively Volunteer in Your Community

During times of despair and feeling anxious or depressed, why not give back to your community instead? You would be amazed with what you will discover. Find something really interesting and volunteer for it. Volunteering allows us to get out of our head and back into our heart.  It puts things into perspective and allows us to get out of our own way.  It allows us to get out of our Ego and live from our Spirit.  There are so many benefits from community service and contribution and I have found that whatever you need most, you need to give it to someone else.  So if you need kindness, compassion and love, give that away to someone else. If you need more money, give it away.  Detach from the scarcity mindset.

3.     Use Your Fear to Steer You in the Right Direction

Instead of letting your fears get the best of you, let it steer you in the right direction. What is the one thing you are really afraid to do? Even though you may not realize it, fear actually indicates that something matters to you. This makes it important for you to identify your fears and own them. By conquering your fears, you will be one step closer to living your life’s purpose.

4.     Imagine the Impossible, Do Not Hold Back

The sky is the limit, why bother holding yourself back? There is no reason for you to give into your fears. As long as you give the impossible a try, you will not regret it later on. You may never know you could even do wonders by doing something only few have dreamed about. By imagining you can do anything in the world there is very little that can hold you back from accomplishing what you have always dreamed about.

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