Stop Betraying Yourself; Find Life Purpose!

Stop Betraying Yourself; Find Life Purpose!

life_purpose_coachHave you ever felt like you’re living someone else’s life?

Your life is busy; you’ve got friends, a career and a reason to wake up from bed every morning. Perhaps you’re even reasonably happy. And yet, there are times when you wonder if this is it, or if there could be something more?

  • A more satisfying relationship?
  • A more fulfilling career?
  • A more purposeful LIFE?

A place where you’re not battling with life to fulfill your desires, where you’re not betraying yourself, where there’s NO gap between who you are and who you want to BE; a place where you are your Best You, living your Best Life, every moment?

As a life coach, I found that the key to living our “BEST” life comes only after we unleash the “BEST ME” within. It already exists, except it is hidden and buried beneath layers of lies, even as we add drama and spice! These layers come in glorious colors and forms…

  • I AM my parental role!
  • I AM what I’ve accomplished!
  • I AM what I own!
  • I AM my career/job title/status!

But is this really you?

In my first book Purpose Now: Living with Purpose, I refer to these identity tags.  Identity tags are societal titles or roles that are part of your identity that are inherited or acquired but do not represent your core essence or spirit.  Your identity tags do not define the real YOU. And until we discover, connect and re-align with the core part of ourselves, we end up living another’s life – the life of that mother, social being, doctor, father, sister, student, etc.

A life that brings happiness only when the circumstances are favorable!

Life coaching is my purpose and passion in life.  As a life coach, I reconnect people back to their core selves. I call this the “Authentic” you.

This Authentic you is…

  • A REAL Superhero!
  • Always Powerful!
  • Centered on the present!
  • Available, every moment!

In my book, “LIVING WITH PURPOSE: 9 Steps to Find Your Purpose And Live An Empowered Life” I walk you through the knowledge and exercises we all need, to Find, Live and Share our life with purpose. It is a powerful way of living, and provides the key to lasting motivation, passion and fulfillment. It is the key to unlocking the BEST you, and your BEST life, every moment.

Are you ready to find it?

Join me, on reconnecting to life purpose.  Get started by taking the life purpose quiz which gives you a free personalized profile assessment.

I warmly invite you to live and celebrate a life of passion and purpose!

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