Reasons why people never discover their purpose in life

Reasons why people never discover their purpose in life

Working and living with purpose gives you the opportunity to discover new potentials, broaden your horizon and learn to live your life outside the box. However, most individuals do not undergo this journey and end up being someone they are not.

People are lured into thinking their purpose in life is to do nothing more than establish a career or accumulate wealth. But what these individuals do not seem to realize is there is more to life than just a job and a good car or house. It can in fact be about living the way you want and by discovering your true potential along the way. But most people are unable to comprehend this perspective because of the following reasons:

They Let go of their Individuality

As a child you are taught to look for guidance from others, the problem begins to take form when this process is included during the discovery of your life’s purpose as well. This can get worse, especially when you fit into a predetermined role where you are expected to play as a part of society. You end up doing whatever others want for their approval and support while you let go of your individuality at the same time.

They Only Value Action

The world is highly competitive, only the strongest can survive. Keeping this in mind, a lot of people tend to make the terrible mistake of valuing action. Not only do they give into their ego but they are left unfulfilled at the same time. Leading a life where your ego is in charge can be dangerous. You forgo the opportunity to ask yourself important questions and fail to get answers, thus losing out on important life lessons that could have done wonders for you in the long run.

They Fail to Learn from their Mistakes

Contrary to popular belief, it is not who you are but what you do that defines you. Even if you do make mistakes, you also have the opportunity to make necessary amends. Instead of ignoring ‘the dark side’, you should learn from it. Since your purpose is all about self-discovery, it is only logical to learn from this side of you as well. It will give you the required guidance on where you need to grow and from whom you need to learn. You will be surprised to learn that people you like the least have a lot to teach you about reaching your true potential.

They Do Not Wait for a Calling

The most terrible of all mistakes is sticking to a predetermined path headed for conformity rather than purpose. You fool yourself into thinking that success is nothing more than a list of boxes that need to be checked. People are so busy trying to fill in the blanks, but they fail to ask themselves the most important of all questions, that are about happiness and fulfillment.

The only way you can find your purpose is by listening to yourself. You have to wait for your inner calling. You have to give your life the opportunity to speak for itself instead of letting others dictate what you should and should not do. A calling is not an easy path, but as long as you are willing to take an initiative, there is very little that can prevent you reaching your goals and discovering your true purpose in life.

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